The Future of Work: A Matter

of Sustainability


Technological progress and changes in demography and climate are only some of the aspects affecting the world of work. Currently, trades, professions, skills, contractual arrangements, places and times of work are undergoing changes at unprecedented speed and through new interactions. Against this ever-changing backdrop, international institutions wonder about the future of work. Examples of this include the political debate launched at the last annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, the ones promoted by the International Labour Organisation or the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. While, at first, the focus has been on the need to protect employment levels, now increasing attention is given to the quality of work. This is because there seems to be a growing awareness that the challenges and the opportunities accompanying the future of work – and the promotion of «smart, sustainable and inclusive growth» (Europe 2020) – depend not only on the economic conditions related to the working activity, but also on the ways work itself is organized.

We started to deal with these issues during the last year’s international event “The Great Transformation of Work” (Bergamo, 6-7 November 2015), which attracted more than 50 experts coming from all over the world (presentations are available here).

We would like to continue the discussion at this year’s conference on The Future of Work: A Matter of Sustainability which is going to take place in Bergamo, on 11-12 November 2016. The event is organized by the Doctoral School in Human Capital Formation and Labour Relations, promoted by the University of Bergamo and ADAPT.

Participation in the conference is free.


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