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Labour Law

The European minimum wage will come – but how?

T. Müller, T. Schulten, Social Europe, September 15, 2020

Nonwaivability in Labour Law

G. Davidov, LLRN, September 6, 2020

Workers’ rights: negotiating and co-governing digital systems at work

C. Colclough, Social Europe, 3 September, 2020

Industrial Relations

Capacity building for effective social dialogue in the European Union

C. Welz et al., Eurofound, September 10, 2020

Role of social partners in tackling discrimination at work

T. Weber, C. Cerf, Eurofound, August 31, 2020

Why unions are good for workers—especially in a crisis like COVID-19

C. McNicholas et al., Economic Policy Institute, August 25, 2020

Labour Market

Employment and Social Developments in Europe 2020

European Commission, September 15, 2020

Is it time to cut back our working hours?

E. Jacobs, Financial Times, September 13, 2020

The jobs potential of a transition towards a resource efficient and circular economy

J. Chateau, E. Mavroeidi, OECD Environment Working Papers n.77, August 28, 2020

What harm do minimum wages do?

The Economist, August 15, 2020

Careers, Education & Skills

Youth Aspirations and the Future of Work. A Review of the Literature and Evidence

D. Gardiner, M. Goedhuys, ILO Working Paper 8, September 2020

Europe has an artificial-intelligence skills shortage

J. Anderson et al., Bruegel, August 27, 2020

Wellness, Health & Safety at Work

Remote Work and the Heterogeneous Impact of COVID-19 on Employment and Health

M. Angelucci et al., IZA DP No. 13620, August 2020

At your service: Working conditions of interactive service workers

F.F. Eiffe et al., Eurofound, July 15, 2020

Lockdown for some – life on hold for others

S. Bevan, Working With Cancer, July 2020

Employment & Demography

How are mothers and fathers balancing work and family under lockdown?

A. Andrew et al., IFS Briefing Note BN290, September 2020

The pandemic is the perfect time for a parents revolution

A. Quart, Slate Group, September 2, 2020

A nightmare of work and care

L. Lu, LPE Blog, September 2, 2020

Robots and the gender pay gap in Europe

C. G. Aksoy et al., VoxEu, July 16, 2020

Geography & Work

Is the office finished?

The Economist, September 12, 2020

Territorial collaboration: a novel way to spread prosperity

I. Turok, A. Habiyaremye, Regional Studies, September 7, 2020

What the ‘Tech Exodus’ Could Mean for Silicon Valley

L. Bliss, Bloomberg CityLab, August 18, 2020


Revisiting the effect of statutory pension ages on the participation rate

D. Turner, H. Morgavi, OECD Economics Department Working Papers No. 1616, September 8, 2020

What drives CSR? An empirical analysis on the labour dimensions of CSR

B. D. Abriata, G. Delautre, ILO, August 5, 2020