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Labour Law

The regulation of collective dismissals: Economic rationale and legal practice

M. Aleksynska, A. Muller, Ilo Working Paper 4, May 2020

EU Court of Justice’s decision on employment status does not leave platforms off the hook

V. De Stefano, Regulating for Globalization, April 29, 2020

Industrial Relations

Organizing Matters. Two Logics of Trade Union Representation

G. Mundlak, ILERA Publication Series, May 14, 2020

Trade unions are key to a safe exit from the pandemic

L. Visentini, Social Europe, May 12, 2020

Collective bargaining beyond the worksite

L. Rhinehart, C. McNicholas, Economic Policy Institute, May 4, 2020

Labour Market

Is history repeating itself? The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on youth

M. Mascherini, E. Sàndor, Eurofound, May 18, 2020

Labour market consequences of a transition to a circular economy: A review paper

F. Laubinger et al., OECD Environment Working Papers n. 162, May 15, 2020

Which Workers Bear the Burden of Social Distancing Policies?

S. Mongey et al., NBER Working Paper 27085, May 2020

Careers, Education & Skills

Coronavirus special edition: Back to school

OECD, Trends Shaping Education Spotlight 21, May 5, 2020

Wellness, Health & Safety at Work

Prevention policy and practice: approaches to tackling work-related musculoskeletal disorders

R. Graveling, E. Giagloglou, EU – OSHA European Risk Observatory Report, May 19, 2020

How States and Localities Can Protect Workplace Safety and Health

J. Flanagan et al., Harvard Law School, May 2020

Employment & Demography

Work, care and gender during the Covid-19 crisis

C. Hupkau, B. Petrongolo, CEP Covid-19 analysis Paper No.002, May 2020

The adverse effect of the COVID-19 labor market shock on immigrant employment

G. J. Borjas, H. Cassidy, IZA DP N. 13277, May 2020

The Value of Childcare and COVID-19: a Nursery Worker’s Perspective

H. Hughes, Futures of Work Issue 13, May 7, 2020

Geography & Work

Regional Strategies for the Social Economy. Examples from France, Spain, Sweden and Poland

OECD, Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Papers No. 2020/03, May 19, 2020

Cities are on the front lines of COVID-19

S. Wahba et al., World Bank Blogs, May 12, 2020

City policy responses

OECD, update 6 April, 2020


Encouraging European solidarity: an unconditional basic income

C. Neves, R. Merrill, Social Europe, May 18, 2020