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Labour Law

Coronavirus and Turbulence in Brazilian Labor Law: An Analysis on the Main Legal Changes During the Pandemic

C. Lopes Scodro, O. de Quintana Figueiredo Pasqualeto, Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal, Dispatch No. 29 – Brazil, November 2020

Industrial Relations

Shaping the future of democracy at work

I. Schömann, Social Europe, November 25, 2020

Labour Market

New forms of employment: 2020 update

I. Mandl, Eurofound Research Report, December 15, 2020

Long-term care workforce: Employment and working conditions

H. Dubois et al., Eurofound, December 14, 2020

Careers, Education & Skills

Curriculum reform. A literature review to support effective implementation

P. Gouëdard et al., OECD Education Working Papers No. 239, December 11, 2020

Unions raise worker wellbeing

R. Freeman et al., VoxEu, November 11, 2020

Wellness, Health & Safety at Work

Mental health in the workplace: The coming revolution

McKinsey Quarterly, December 8, 2020

Obesity Stigma at Work: Improving Inclusion and Productivity

Z. Bajorek, S. Bevan, Institute for Employment Studies, Purpose Programme, November 2020

Entre «culture de prévention» et contre-pouvoir : la formation en santé au travail des représentants du personnel

L.-M. Barnier, et al., Prépublication, La Revue De L’Ires – N° 101-102 – 2020/2-3, October 2020

Employment & Demography

Are simple statistics enough? On the benefits of gender pay reports and audits

C. Aumayr-Pintar, Eurofound Blog, November 6, 2020

Social Security & Welfare

European Social Partners joint statement on childcare provisions in the EU

ETUC, BusinessEurope, Ceep, SMEUnited, December 3, 2020

Geography & Work

COVID-19 and key workers: The role of migrants across regions and cities

L. Kleine-Rueschkamp, C. Özgüzel, VoxEU, December 9, 2020

How working from home could revitalise rust belt cities

M. Serafinelli, The Conversation, November 5, 2020