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Labour Law

Unpaid Work Requirements of Offenders: Rehabilitation or Exploitation?

V. De Stefano et al., ILO Working Paper No. 27, March 31, 2021

Platform work and the employment relationship

V. De Stefano et al., ILO Working Paper No. 27, March 31, 2021

Industrial Relations

Involvement of social partners in policymaking during the COVID-19 outbreak

R. Rodriguez Contreras, Eurofound Research Report, March 9, 2021

Labour Market

Hurricanes and their implications for unemployment: Evidence from the Caribbean

P. Mohan, E. Strobl, ILO Working Paper No. 26, March 2021

Creative labour in the era of Covid-19 the case of freelancer

V. Pulignano et al., ETUI WP No. 2, March 2021

Working from home is revolutionising the UK labour market

S. Taneja et al., VoxEu, March 15, 2021

Careers, Education & Skills

The professional careers adviser workforce

J. Cockett et al., Institute for Employment Studies Report, n. 560, March 2021

Wellness, Health & Safety at Work

Work, health and Covid-19. A literature review

D. Purkayastha, ETUI Report No.3, March 22, 2021

Only Your Boss Can Cure Your Burnout

O. Khazan, The Atlantic, March 12, 2021

Employment & Demography

The Fight for Equal Pay Must Include Domestic Workers

R. Entralgo,, March 24, 2021

Wage responses to gender pay gap reporting requirements

J. Blundell, Centre for Economic Performance DP No. 1750, March 2021

Few top positions in economics are held by women

P. Hanspach et al., VoxEu, February 15, 2021

Social Security & Welfare

The Necessity of Reduced Working Hours under the Re-familization of Elderly Care

I. Shingou, Japan Labor Issues, vol.5, no.30, April-May 2021

Work-life conflict in Europe

F. McGinnity, Social Europe, March 26, 2021

Enterprise Formalization: Tailored registration, tax and social security requirements for MSEs

E. Gaarder et al., ILO, Entreprise formalization, Thematic Brief No.3, 2021

Geography & Work

Cities and Tasks

H. Koster, C. Ozgen, IZA DP No. 14231, March 2021