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Labour Law

Workplace, public space: workers organising in the age of facial recognition

O. Roething, D. Naranjo, Social Europe, June 2, 2021

Industrial Relations

Should governments worry about general strikes?

A. Johnston et al., Social Europe, June 3, 2021

Markets: Collective Bargaining All The Way Down

L. Herrine, LPE Project, February 2, 2021

Sectoral Bargaining is Coming to New Zealand

P. Bomball, On Labor, May 21, 2021

Labour Market

What if Remote Work didn’t mean Working from Home?

C. Newport, The New Yorker, May 21, 2021

Careers, Education & Skills

Employers’ Willingness to Invest in the Training of Temporary Workers: A Discrete Choice Experiment

Davey Poulissen et al., IZA Discussion Paper, No. 14395, May 2021

Wellness, Health & Safety at Work

Employment & Demography

Gender Wage and Longevity Gaps and the Design of Retirement Systems

F. Barigozzi et al., IZA DP No. 14394, May 2021

Social Security & Welfare

Regional firm subsidies: Direct, spillover, and welfare effects

S. Siegloch et al., VoxEu, June 4, 2021

Geography & Work

Developing intermediate cities

A. Rodríguez-Pose, J. Griffiths, Regional Science Policy&Practice, April 2021

The Death and Life of the Central Business District

R. Florida, Bloomberg CityLab, May 14, 2021