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Labour Law

Guiding principles on implementing the right to disconnect

European Law Institute, October 11, 2023

Industrial Relations

Collective bargaining—key to business performance

R. Rueda Lopez, J. Aja Valle, Social Europe, October 10, 2023

Labour Market

Wage Effects and Monopsony Explanations

J. C. Wiltshire et al., IRLE Working Paper No. 105, September 2023

Careers, Education & Skills

The role of data skills in the modern labour market

J. Schmidt et al., VoxEU CEPR, October 12, 2023

Why Choose Career Technical Education? Disentangling Student Preferences from Program Availability

B. A. Jacob, M. D. Ricks, NBER Working Paper No. 31756, October 2023

Wellness, Health & Safety at Work

How to decrease the risks to employees’ mental health

A. Graya, J. Virhia, LSE Blog, October 10, 2023

Employment & Demography

Social Security & Welfare

A New Era of Social Protection for the Diversified Workforce

K. Nordmark et al., OnLabor, October 3, 2023

L’évolution des salaires depuis 1950 : la rupture de 2017

P. Concialdi, IRES Document de Travail No. 2, October 2023

Geography & Work

Bridging the rural-urban divide: Addressing inequalities and empowering communities

M. Mascherini et al., Eurofound Research Report, October 18, 2023