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Labour Law

Does the minimum-wages directive get it right?

H. Haapanala et al., Social Europe, November 1, 2022

Industrial Relations

Labour protests during the pandemic: The case of hospital and retail workers in 90 countries

V. Trapmann et al., ILO Working Paper No. 83, November 7, 2022

Fifth quarterly report on Covid-19 impact on industrial relations. Preliminary result

L. Kováčová et al., BARCOVID, Project, AIAS-HSI, CELSI, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, WageIndicator Foundation, Quarterly Report No.5, October 2022

Financing the Just Transition: An EU overview

IndustriAll, Syndex, October 2022

Labour Market

Multiple crises threaten the global labour market recovery

ILO Monitor on the world of work, 10th edition, October 31, 2022

Report on the proposal for a Council decision on guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States

European Parliament, Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, October 12, 2022

Job crafting and flexible working in general practice

S. Bevan et al., Institute for Employment Studies Report No. 587, October 2022

Careers, Education & Skills

Human development perspectives on the transfer of dual training: Challenges and implications

E. Vanderhoven et al., University of Glasgow, September 2022

Microcredentials for labour market education and training

Cedefop Research Paper No. 1831-5860, October 2022

Wellness, Health & Safety at Work

How to break a spiral of OSH skills shortages

T. Goode, IOSH News release, October 28, 2022

The Importance of Mental Health in the Workplace

K. Rodríguez McGreevy, European Platform to Promote Wellbeing and Health in the workplace (EMPOWER), October 17, 2022

Employment & Demography

Minimum income across all ages: a focus on elderly people

D. Natali, A. Terlizzi, ETUI Working Paper No. 17, October 2022

Gender Equality Index 2022: The COVID-19 pandemic and care

European Institute for Gender Equality, October 24, 2022

Social Security & Welfare

Now is the future for social security

P. Schoukens, E. Weber, Social Europe, November 8, 2022

Social acceptability of tax and transfer schemes

R. Kanbur, S. Levy, VoxEu, November 3, 2022

Geography & Work

Work from home and the office real estate apocalypse

A. Gupta et al., VoxEu, November 2, 2022