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Labour Law

Equal rights for domestic workers (finally) in Spain

L. Rodríguez, Social Europe, September 13, 2022

Who cares for the carers?

T. Bell, J. W. Goudriaan, Social Europe, September 8, 2022

Industrial Relations

Facts and Fantasies about Wage Setting and Collective Bargaining

M. Bhuller et al., NBER Working Paper No. 30437, September 2022

Moving with the times: Emerging practices and provisions in collective bargaining

R. Rodriguez Contreras, O. Molina Romo, Eurofound Research Report, August 31, 2022

Labour Market

Front-lining green jobs in the sustainable urbanisation agenda

J. Oliveira Cunha, LSE Blog, September 13, 2022

Careers, Education & Skills

The Next Wave of Energy Innovation: Which Technologies? Which Skills?

D. Popp et al., CESifo Working Paper No. 9878, August 2022

Les opérateurs de compétences au défi de la transition écologique

M. Diagne et al., France Stratégie Note de Synthèse, July 2022

Wellness, Health & Safety at Work

Displaced or Depressed? The Effect of Working in Automatable Jobs on Mental Health

S. Blasco et al., IZA Discussion Paper No. 15434, July 2022

Employment & Demography

The regional development trap in Europe

A. Diemer et al., VoxEu, July 19, 2022

Social Security & Welfare

Is ESG the solution to climate and social ills?

C. Joly, Social Europe, September 12, 2022

Take-up of social benefits

W. Ko, R. Moffitt, VoxEu, August 24, 2022

Geography & Work

Cross-border telework in the EU: fab or fad?

M. Grzegorczyk et al., Bruegel Blog, September 12, 2022