ADAPT’s Doctoral School turns 10


The Story of an Italian “Brainhub”


15th June 2016


During the past ten years we experimented with an innovative and unique approach to education. In this sense, we are the only institution that, at this stage of education, has attempted to implement the dual system. This way, we intend to carry forward the objective pursued by Marco Biagi, the founder of our School: promoting change through a new way of carrying out research, and educating people who are able to think and act “differently” and not just devise laws with no application in everyday life.


ADAPT Brain Hub_eng


The results achieved speak for themselves. Through the School, we have succeeded in financing more than 250 scholarships and as many as 100 apprenticeship contracts for research purposes. Further, and also thanks to our partners and newsletter readers, we have been able to raise funds worth more than €10 million that have been used for contracts, grants and scholarships for our young students.

Today, ADAPT is a hub for innovation and research in the fields of labour relations and the labour market. We have managed to attract talent, innovators, and forward thinkers, either from Italy – some 500 people if we consider our young talent scouting system and grant recipients – or overseas (countries include: Iran, India, China, Russia, Japan, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Cuba, Honduras, Morocco, South Africa, Congo, Ethiopia, Namibia, Austria, Spain, and France).

Concurrently, our hub also helps to meet the needs of those entities – our partners, businesses, employers’ associations, trade unions, employment agencies and other research centres – that agreed to play a major role in this venture by proposing new projects, funding scholarships or by offering our students experimental forms of advanced-level apprenticeship schemes.


Emmanuele Massagli

ADAPT President



Michele Tiraboschi

ADAPT Scientific Coordinator