The Rationale for Research into the Social Construction of New Labour Markets

edited by the ADAPT research fellows and presented by Margherita Roiatti during the opening plenary session of the XII edition of ADAPT International Conference, Bergamo 24 November 2022

The Migrant Pay Gap

Lauren Harrell

The Value of Work and Its Rules between Innovation and Tradition

A. Forsyth, E. Dagnino, M. Roiatti (Eds.) - Introduction

Agreenment: A Green Mentality for Collective Bargaining. Summary of the French report

Alexis Bugada, Véronique Cohen-Donsimoni, Vanessa Monteillet, Caroline Vanuls, Audrey Martinez

A Renewed Commitment to an Ongoing Project

by V. Filì, M. Tiraboschi, EJICLS Vol. 9, No. 1, January 2020

Covid-19 jobs crisis: a comparison among models

Michele Dalla Sega, Giacomo Pigni

In Memory of Jacques Rojot

by Michele Tiraboschi